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Undermount Sinks

We offer undermount stainless steel sinks made by Karran. The Karran Edge Series sinks are specifically made to be fabricated into your new laminate counter, thus giving you a seamless transition from countertop to sink. Add an E Series sink to your countertop and you will have the look you want with substantial savings. Remodel your kitchen and keep some of your money!

Things to know:

  1. Distinctive Features: The edge lip of the sink is mounted below a laminate countertop, so the sink effectively hangs underneath the counter, as opposed to sitting on top of it; creates a continuous flow from countertop into sink.
  2. Countertop Compatibility: Now designed for specifically laminate countertops. The identical function of a solid surface sink in a laminate countertop, at a huge savings.
  3. Pros: Wipe food scraps straight into the sink (granite has a caulked area underĀ  rim to catch crumbs and dirt); reclaim up to half a square foot of counter space; attractive, minimalist look, easy to clean.
  4. Price range: $450 - $800, depending on size and material.